Interactive next-gen PowerPoint

We create conversational presentations that work:

Enabling true customer engagement rather than a hit-and-miss broadcast approach.

We help you to connect with customers and start new and more profitable conversations. Every interaction can be bespoke and targeted, yet easy to pull together in a familiar environment.

Your people can focus on sharing the right messages and using the most effective meeting strategies.


ways you benefit

Interactive next-gen PowerPoint
  • audience

    Enhanced audience engagement that improves retention of your sales messages

  • menu

    Fully interactive menu means you can drive more relevant and timely conversations

  • cross-sell

    Dynamic narratives mean cross-sell and upsell opportunities for new revenue

  • pen

    It’s PowerPoint: manage all slides and content edits in-house, quickly and easily, or work with the iPS Studio

  • graph

    Your investments in marketing and business development are optimised – driving continued ROI

Bringing more power to PowerPoint

  • 25 years

    Our consultative approach is founded on 25 years’ sales enablement experience

  • eye

    Greater visual impact: animated storytelling, high impact content

  • menu

    Bespoke menu, navigation and storyboard concepts: look & feel aligned with your brands

  • chat

    Stronger sales narratives: make complex messages clearer and more engaging

  • powerpoint

    Familiar PowerPoint platform for ease of use and self-service updates: 100% editable

  • cloud

    Management and control, including Microsoft OneDrive for versioning and updates

Content and service options include

  • movie

    Animated intro movies: embed eye-catching top line messaging early

  • menu

    Plug & Play menus: all brand, service, product and company media is instantly accessible

  • agenda

    Easy-to-edit agenda: add customer specific content, messaging and more

  • pdf

    Interactive PDFs: your bespoke sales presenter content as leave behind and to share

  • powerpoint

    Easy adoption & use: the familiarity of PPT, training and help files for a self-service solution


No other presentation provider combines sales experience and client insight with our technical and creative ability.